My First Weekend in June

I had a busy and fun weekend in New York.  It was a very hot and humid weekend though.

On Saturday, I went to Brooklyn, the MET, and Central Park.  In the morning, I took a subway to Jay Street in Brooklyn and walked down to the riverside.  It has a nice view of Manhattan.

Manhattan from Brooklyn



Then, I walked to Dumbo by the Brooklyn Bridge, then went to the World Science Festival at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.  I attended one seminar about the future of robots.  It was interesting.

After that I went to the MET Museum and saw two special exhibits:
– The Civil War and American Art.  It is a show of mostly pictures taken during the civil war.
– Punk: Chaos to Coutures.  It was a show about punk style couture.  Very interesting exhibit.  In addition to all the cool coutures, they had two special rooms.  One is  a showroom of Vivienne Westwood in London.  The other one is a facsimile of CBGB bathroom in New York (1975).

CBGB Bathroom in 1975

I also visited the Rooftop at the MET.  It has an amazing view of the city.

City View from the MET

I walked around the Central Park and got to see the Mall for the first time.  I didn’t know where it was and found it by walking around.  On the way back home, I stopped at Trader Joe’s on 72nd Street.  I learned that in New York state, you only can have one liquor license to sell alcohol at only one location per state – that’s why Trader Joe’s can only sell wine in one store in Union Square and not in other stores.

On Sunday, I went down to Washington Square Park to attend another World Science Festival.  I got to make my own cologne at one of the vendors.  I mixed bergamot, lavender, and pine wood to make my scent and I called it PS12.

Then, I walked down to SOHO, Little Italy, and Chinatown.  In Little Italy and Chinatown, they blocked off a few streets for a street fair.  It was a nice day to be out but it was hot an humid.

Little Italy