Day 2 Living in NYC

Today is my first day working in our NYC office on Lexington Avenue.  Since I am living a few blocks north east of the office, there are a few walking routes I can take.  Today, I walked west on E 44th Street to Lexington and turned left.  I found a few restaurants, cafes, and bakeries I want to try.  I have my own office with a window facing east and a partial view of the Empire State Building.

photo 4
























My first day at work was nice.  We had a farewell lunch at a Chinese restaurant, Mapo Tofu, a block from our office.  One of my colleagues is done with his assignment in NYC and will go back to Japan next week.  It started raining in the afternoon.  Luckily I brought an umbrella with me.  On the way home, I stopped at CVS to grab a few items and went to Crumbs for a red velvet chocolate cupcake.  I had Chinese leftover from last night for dinner, so my first 3 meals in NYC were all Chinese.  I will eat something else tomorrow!

On the way home, I took this picture of the Chrysler Building.

photo 3