Day 3 Living in NYC

I didn’t sleep well last night.  Maybe because of the cupcake I ate last night.  This morning I was looking for a good latte.  I wanted to try one at Macchiato Espresso Bar on E 44th Street but it wasn’t open today.  So, I walked in the Grand Central to take a few pictures.  I didn’t go to the Apple Store there.

The Grand Central


















I went to Rize Coffee for my morning latte.  I really enjoyed the latte at Rize Coffee since they used beans from Stumptown and they made the latte the right way (not burning hot).



















After coffee, I went to walk around on 5th Avenue and Times Square.  It wasn’t crowded this time of the year.  In the evening, I had dinner with two of my good friends who are living in New York now.  They used to live in San Diego years ago where we met.  We got together for dinner at Delicatessen in Soho.

Around the restaurant, I saw this person playing golf using cube paper balls.  He was trying to get the balls into the basket at the end of the street.  I think he is an artist.

Someone is playing golf with cube paper ball in Soho
























Here is a picture of the fried chicken at Delicatessen.  The cocktail, Tilly, was very tasty as well.

Fried chicken at Delicatessen



















On the way home, I took this picture of the Chrysler Building at night.

Chrysler Building at night
























Here is a picture of my apartment in New York.  My room is in the back of the building.

Beaux Arts Apartment