Day 42 (02/23/13) Living in NYC

Saturday, February 23, 2013 We started a day with donuts and a latte from Doughnut Plant in Chelsea.  I had a matcha green tea doughnut.   Then, we went to Century 21 downtown.  They have changed the layout of the store and moved most of the men’s items to the second floor.  I didn’t buy anything.        … Continue reading Day 42 (02/23/13) Living in NYC

Day 41 (02/22/13) Living in NYC

Friday, February 22, 2013 I was going to get Chipotle for lunch but I ended up getting a chicken and gyro combo plate from a halal cart on the way.  I found this to be a good option for a quick and cheap lunch.  I couldn’t find anything else for lunch around my work for under $10.  … Continue reading Day 41 (02/22/13) Living in NYC