New Photos

I just added three tilt-shift photos to this page, My Photographs.  I took two of them in San Francisco and one in San Diego.

Greetings From San Francisco

I took a quick trip to San Francisco and spent a night there.  The weather was nice.  I window shopped around Union Square.  And, I had a chance to visit my favorite coffee shop, Blue Bottle, and Bi-Rite for salted caramel icecream. Here is a picture from Dolores Park.  

My Take on Seattle, WA

After we visited Portland, we drove to Seattle and spent a few days there.  Here are my thoughts on Seattle. Seattle is big and there is a lot of construction in the city.  The traffic was also pretty bad there. I liked the free bus, Metro Route 99, in downtown Seattle for tourists.  It runs… Continue reading My Take on Seattle, WA

My Take on Portland, OR

I visited Portland, Oregon the end of March this year with my family and here are my impressions of Portland. It is very green.  It was raining the whole three days we were there.  I also noticed that there was a lot of green moss on the trees which was an indication of all year… Continue reading My Take on Portland, OR