Another Trip to San Francisco

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to San Francisco at the end of August.  We stayed at the InterContinental Hotel and got an upgrade to a one-bedroom suite on the 32nd floor.  Here is the view from our room.

San Francisco from 32nd Floor



















We went to a party for Evernote Trunk Conference.  It was a nice party with a few food trucks providing food.  On Saturday, we went to J-Pop Festival in Japan Town.  I haven’t been back to Japan Town in a few years, so it was great to be back.  The festival was okay – a few street vendors, performances on stage, and a few food trucks.  On Sunday, we went to Chinatown since they closed Grant for people to walk.  It was nice to be able to walk on the street in Chinatown.  Here is a picture of me in Chinatown.

Pavee in Chinatown

Comic-Con 2012

I got a day pass for Friday at Comic-Con this year.  It was my second time there.  I got there around 8:30 AM and was hoping to attend Community panel at 10 AM but I couldn’t get in because there were already too many people waiting in line.  The line was crazy long (from 2nd floor of the convention center to the park behind the convention center).  I had a great time roaming the exhibition hall though.  I spent about 3 hours looking at things.   Here are some of things I saw at the show.


New York in the Spring

I was visiting New York City in late April this year.  The whole trip was planned around getting tickets to see Book of Mormon and Sleep No More.  We also made a reservation at our favorite restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, for this trip.  We got lucky with the weather (for the most part) and had two nice warm days and one rainy day.  We got to eat great food and saw three great shows.  I also ran into three people I know unplanned and saw two friends (planned).

Here are the highlights of the trip.

Amazing lunch at Eleven Madison Park restaurant.  This is a Michelin three star restaurant.  You can see all the dishes I had on this post.

Interesting concept for Sleep No More.  The set is in a 6-story building in Chelsea they have called “The McKettrick Hotel.”  It is based loosely on Macbeth.  The set itself is amazing with many rooms to explore.  All the audience members have to wear a white mask (provided) and cannot talk during the show.  They take you in a group of about 25 and the elevator man will take you up in the elevator and let some people out on each floor.  You can later use stairs to explore other floors.  There are many rooms including a candy room where you can eat candies.  You can easily get lost and end up seeing nothing if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on.  My recommendation for those who are planning to go see this is to learn more about the show before going to get an idea of what to expect.

Doughnut Plant store in Chelsea is very nice compared to their original store.  The one in Chelsea offers seats, espresso drinks, and take credit card.

Book of Mormon is funny.  If you want to see this, be sure to book it in advance.  I booked mine 6 months in advance.

Fundraising Event I Managed Was a Success

I managed a fundraising event, Community Legacy Night, Honoring Ed Lee, for the San Diego Asian Film Foundation (SDAFF) last Wednesday, June 6, 2012.  We hosted the event at the University Club atop Symphony Hall in downtown San Diego.  The venue was amazing and the view was to die for as you can see from the pictures below.  If you want to learn more about the event and Ed Lee, please visit this page.  We also made a tribute video for Ed Lee.  You can see all the photos from the event from our photographer, Sean Capshaw, on this website.  I had fun managing this event from start to finish.

Great View From the University Club

























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