My Favorite Coffee Shops for Cafe Latte

In my opinion, there are two kinds of cafe latte.  In simple terms, a true cafe latte (the one I like) is one where a barista takes his/her time to create a cup for you from top quality espresso beans (most of them using La Marzocco machine).  It also comes with latte art and it usually served very warm.  The other kind just consists of espresso and hot milk.  You can find this second kind of latte at most coffee shops in the U.S. including Starbucks.

This list will focus on the first kind.  These are based on my rankings.

1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters at the ACE Hotel in New York, NY.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee in SOMA in San Francisco, CA.

3. Everyman Espresso in New York, NY.

These are additional places I like

Third Rail Coffee.  There are a few locations in New York, NY.

Gregory’s Coffee.  There are a few locations in New York, NY.

Spella Caffe in downtown Portland, OR.


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