My Stuff Has Arrived (August 4, 2016)

Almost seven weeks later, my stuff arrived from New York. I got an email a few days earlier notifying me my stuff were ready to be delivered. Here are a few things I learned:

  • One of my colleagues had to be here with me to communicate with the movers as they didn’t speak English.
  • I didn’t have to reserve an elevator or notify my building about the delivery (unlike my building in New York where I had to do both). Once the movers got here, they communicated with the building management directly and prepared the move. The movers had to put protection on the floor, some walls, hallways, and some corners.
  • Originally, two movers came but they realized they needed more help with the delivery and unpacking (as they spent too much time preparing for the delivery). I had about 30 boxes delivered (including furniture). Two more movers came to assist with the unpacking.
  • They had a good system. At the beginning, they gave me a copy of the inventory I made during packing in New York. They asked me to identify the location for each box in advance. After they completed putting up protection, they started bringing up boxes. They told me the number on the box and I had to tell them which room I wanted the box moved to. For furniture (packed in boxes), they unboxed them outside my apartment and assembled them in the apartment. They said they studied instructions for my furniture and TV prior to delivery, so they knew how to put them back together. Everything was fine except they couldn’t put together my bed frame. They said it’s missing a piece of a screw. They had to ask someone else to come in and fix it later.
  • They took out all the empty boxes from my apartment.
  • At the beginning I was worried that my apartment wouldn’t fit everything I brought from New York. But everything fit nicely and it wasn’t too crowded. Since they unpacked and took care of all the empty boxes, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with the unpacking. It took them about 4 hours to finish everything.
  • I felt like one box was missing but I couldn’t confirm. I couldn’t find two things I thought I packed but the mover delivered everything (I think).
  • I finished unpacking most of the boxes that night.