Heading to Malaysia

I spent the night in Makati, the Philippines last night. Today (June 22, 2016), we headed to Kuala Lumpur. I haven’t been to Malaysia for a long time. The last time I was there might have been 20 years ago. They have a new airport which was nice but pretty far away from the city. It took me about 45 minutes by car to get to the city. I stayed at a very nice Holiday Inn in Glenmarie. For dinner, we ate at the restaurant at the hotel. It was very crowded because of Ramadan. The food was very good (buffet style) and there were so many options to pick from. My favorite was satay. I ate too much. I didn’t get to see anything cool in Kuala Lumpur.

A view from my room at the Holiday Inn

A very nice lobby at the Holiday Inn

Local cuisine from the buffet at the hotel

Satay and other things 

Lunch at a company’s canteen