First Time in China

I got to China for the first time on Sunday. We flew to Shanghai and then a driver drove us to Changzhou Wujin. It took us three hours to drive to Changzhou Wujin from the Shanghai Airport.  

Changzhou is bigger than I expected. My first meal in China was Japanese food (and I just came from Japan).  

However, I got to eat Chinese food on the second day (today). We are staying at a Holiday Inn – another fancy Holiday Inn right in the middle of the city. I can see a beautiful park from my room. 
At dinner, I got to learn how to socialize Chinese style. Here is some of what I learned today. I’m sure I’ll need to learn more. 
1) You don’t just drink. You should ask someone to drink with you. 
2) It’s okay to pour your own drink. It’s also nice to pour drinks for others. 
3) After eating for a while, you should get up and ask someone else to drink with you. 
4) At a table, after you toast you hit your glass on the table a few times before drinking. 
5) Just eat with your chopsticks. Use them to take whatever you want to eat from the dishes in the middle of the table. 
6) You can keep using the same glass to drink something else. It’s okay. 
I’m glad I’m getting to learn all these cultural details. I’m really enjoying the education!