Day 53 (03/06/13) Living in NYC

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Temperature 32F to 41F with light snow

I had dinner with two of my good friends tonight so I could catch up with them before I leave New York for San Jose this Saturday.  We went to Hourglass Tavern on E. 46th Street.  However, I confused Glass House Tavern on E. 47th Street with the Hourglass Tavern.  I made a reservation though OpenTable at Hourglass but I went to the Glasshouse by mistake.  I got a text from my friends that they were there and walked around but didn’t see them which is when I realized that I had sent them to the other restaurant.  On top of this, my phone didn’t really work.  It was super slow so it took me longer to figure things out.  Anyhow, I made it to the Hourglass and was only 5 minutes late.  The restaurant was very cute.  It only has a few tables on the first floor but there were more tables and a bar upstairs.  They offered a fix price menu for about $23.  I had a pork chop with salad and tiramisu.  Everything was great.  This might be my new favorite restaurant in New York.  I hope to go back there again soon.