Day 50 (03/03/13) Living in NYC

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Temperature 28F to 40F

I slept in today and had lunch at home.  I had leftovers from last night.  I decided to go back to the MET again as this weekend is free museum weekend if you are a customer of Bank of America.  So, I did research for a place for coffee on the Upper East Side.  I decided to try Oslo Coffee Roasters on E. 75th Street.  I took a bus on 1st Avenue from my apartment but I had some problem getting on the bus.  First, I went to the wrong bus stop (there were three bus stops in one block and they were all for M15).  The first bus that came by didn’t stop at the bus stop I was at, so I walked to the middle bus stop.  This time a bus stopped but when I got on I found out they no longer take payments on the bus.  The bus driver said I had to pay at the kiosk at the bus stop and get a receipt.  So, then I got off the bus and went to make a payment.  I was able to pay on the bus directly just the other day so they must have changed the procedure this weekend.  The fare also went up from $2.25 to $2.50.  After paying and getting my receipt, I saw another bus come but it stopped at the other bus stop and so I had to wait until the next bus came before I finally got a ride.

After the trip, the bus stopped at E. 79th and I walked back to E. 75th to Oslo.  The shop is very small but the coffee is good.  It was also cheaper than other places as I paid $3.75 for a small (it looks like a medium to me).  Then, I walked to the MET.  I got to see a few exhibitions I haven’t seen before:

–       Matisse In Search of True Painting: a private collection of Matisse’s works.  I leaned that he kept repainting his work until he was satisfied on the same canvas.

–       Sopheap Pich: A Cambodian sculptor using bamboo to create art.  His works are very impressive.

–       Birds in the Art of Japan: a collection of birds in Japanese artwork.  It was interesting.

–       Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity: a private collection of impressionist artists with an emphasis on mostly female dresses.  It was so crowded in this exhibition.

For dinner , I went to MEE Noodle Shop in Hell’s Kitchen.  I had their ramen noodles with BBQ pork.  You can pick whatever kind of noodles you want.  It was good and reasonable – $10 for dinner including taxes and tip.

This morning on NY1, there was a weekly program about new shows in the city.  It mentioned The Dance and the Railroad, so I went online and got a ticket for $25.  I wanted to go see Jesse Eisenberg’s new play too but it is sold out through April.  So, after dinner I went to see the play at the Signature Theater on Theater Row on W. 42nd.  It was good.  The play lasted about 70 minutes with no intermission.  It was about Chinese immigrants during the gold rush period in San Francisco.

Latte from Oslo
Latte from Oslo