A Weekend in San Diego

I spent this past President’s Day long weekend in San Diego.  It went by pretty fast.  It started to snow on the way out when I was leaving the city.  I took a 6:15 AM bus from Grand Central to Newark.  Despite the hour it was completely full.  I learned that TSA-Pre only works 9 out of 10 times randomly and won’t work at all on an international trip.  I got to San Diego around 2 PM and went straight to have my hair cut.  On the visit, I got to eat at a few of my favorite places in San Diego including Phil’s BBQ, The Kebab Shop, and Bread & Cie.  I also finished my tax return over the weekend.  On the way back to NYC, I got upgraded to first class from Houston to La Guardia.  It was nice to be home, even if it was a short trip.    I took this picture from a plane on the way to New York.

Some City