Day 21 Living in NYC

I went on a business trip to Charlotte, NC today.  I met up with people from work at Grand Central at 6:15 AM and we took a taxi to LaGuardia Airport together.  The trip was productive.  The weather in NC was very warm.  It was 70F.

I noticed a very current sign on the plane today.  The overhead sign read “Turn Off Electronics” and “Fasten Seatbelt” instead of the standard “No Smoking” and “Fasten Seatbelt” message.  It was a US Airways regional jet on the way back from Charlotte.  I think all the planes should use these new signs.

I also learned something new about “standing by” status.  I was on a standby list for an earlier flight coming back from Charlotte, along with my colleagues.  I was the only one that made the list but I had to decline since I don’t want to leave my party.  So I went to the gate of my original flight, but when I boarded the plane my ticket was declined.  The agent explained to me that since I was cleared to be on the other flight, the system cancelled my original flight.  I was worried that I might be stuck, but the agent was able to put me back on the original flight and luckily, I got on.  We were trying to get on an earlier flight out because we were worried about a storm coming and the flight being delayed.  As it turned out, however, the flight we were on the standby list for was delayed by 50 minutes but our original flight was on time.  Anyway, we got back to NYC on schedule with no problem.

When I got to Grand Central Station tonight, I felt at home.  I guess I really like the big city feel.

There was no water tonight in my building as they were fixing something.  Hopefully, the water will be working tomorrow morning.