Day 17 Living in NYC

I slept in a little bit this morning.  I did some work before I went out.  My first stop was at Rize Coffee on 42nd Street.  Of course, I had a latte – my favorite drink.  It was great.  I was surprised that it wasn’t crowded there at all.  There was only one guy working there.  I think they get more business on weekdays.

Latte at Rize Coffee
























I went in at the Grand Central and walked around and took a few pictures inside.

The Grand Central
























I decided to walk to Harold Square which was about 10 blocks.  I just wanted to to explore the area.  I found a 99 cent store in mid town.  I thought it was an unusual place for this kind of store.  I made a stop at a few of my favorite stores on the way.  There was a big sales at Zara and I got a pair of pants.  I, then, stopped at H&M Flagship store on 34th Street – my favorite H&M store in NYC.  I wanted to buy some of their new sports items but they didn’t have my size.

For lunch, I went to Korea Town and had pork bibimbab at o-de-ppang! at Food Gallery 32 food court.  There was about 8 vendors at this food court.  I enjoyed my dish.

Then, I stopped by Macy’s and walked all the way on Broadway to Madison Park on 23rd Street and continued on 5th Avenue to 14th Street to another H&M store.  It was warmer outside so I didn’t mind walking.  Then, I walked to Trader Joe’s on 6th Avenue.  It was very crowded there.  They had a person with a big “End of Line” sign at the end of the check-out line.  The line was very long and I waited for about 10 minutes in line even with about 30 check-out counters.  They didn’t have a wine store at this location.  I was a little bit disappointed.  I bought a bottle of Franziskaner Weissbier beer instead.  Then, I took a 6 train back home.  I walked more than 15,000 steps today (according to my Fitbit).

Flatiron Building
























I am going to watch Eat Pray Love on TV tonight.  It is cold out.