Day 16 Living in NYC

It was snowing today in New York.  I haven’t been in snow for a few years.  It was kind of fun walking in the snow.  Luckily I wore boots this morning since I saw a forecast this morning.   Here is a picture I took on the way home tonight on E 43rd Street.

Snowy New York























Tonight I was craving a black forest cake, so I looked it up on Yelp and found no good bakeries around my area.  I ended up getting a slice from Zaro’s at the Grand Central Market.  The cake was okay.  I didn’t like the thick frosting.  Maybe I will find a better one soon.

On the way to Grand Central, there was a guy asking for directions to Penn Station.  He said someone told him it was on 42nd Street.  I told him this is Grand Central.  I told him Penn Station is on 34th Street and he might want to take a train there.  He said he can walk in the snow.  So, I pointed him south.