Day 11 Living in NYC

We did a lot of things today. We started the day with a latte from Stumptown, one of my favorite coffee places in NYC, then we had a few donuts from Doughnut Plant, one of my favorite donut shops in the country. I had a malted milk donut. These donuts are much better than Voodoo doughnuts in Seattle.



For lunch, we went to Shake Shack. I had their burger and fries. Then, we took an express A train all the way up town to 190th Street to visit the Cloisters, which is part of the MET. It was a great experience visiting the park, the building, and getting to far north of the city.



After that, we went to the MET in Central Park since the tickets from the Cloisters are good for the MET as well. For dinner, we had gelato from Grom and halal food from the Halal Guys on 53rd Street. The gelato was great. The food from the Halal Guys was just okay. Not sure why it is so famous. We took the food to Rockefeller Center and ate it there since there were many tables and seats available in the basement. Then, we went up to Top of the Rock Observation Deck. The view was great from up there.