Lunch at Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park, a three Michelin star restaurant, is one of my favorite restaurants of all time.  I have eaten there twice.  At lunch, they offer two options: four courses for $74 or a tasting menu for $125.  I went with the four course option.  Although it is a four course menu, you get 12 things to eat altogether.  For drinks, they offer a paring menu as well but I didn’t go for it.  I only ordered a glass of wine instead.  Here are the pictures of my lunch there.

The Menu: You pick one item from each line for your lunch.  The day I was there they offered one of their signature dishes, roasted duck, which you could order instead of line 3 on the menu.  Yes, I picked the roasted duck.

Eleven Madison Park Menu
























Savory cookies.  They offered this in a box as we sat down.  They tasted very subtle and a bit salty.

Savory Cookies
























Quail Eggs
























Tea Soup























Egg Foam with Salmon
























Bread and Butter (Goat Butter in Yellow and Cow Butter in White)



















First Course: Hamachi with green sauce and edible flowers.

























Second Course: Lobster with black crouton.

























Third Course: Roasted duck breast carved at your table.

Roasted Duck
























Potato Puree with Duck Meat

























Egg Cream Drink
























White Chocolate with Sorbet
























Fourth Course: Chamomile pudding.

Chamomile Pudding
























Black and White Cookies