Building a New Website:

I have been working on my new website,, pretty much everyday. I am learning so much about WordPress, photo editing, and e-commerce.

For this website, I am using Wootique theme which is a free theme from Wootheme and WooCommerce to run e-commerce on the site. WooCommerce is also a free plug-in from Wootheme. The site is in a demo mode and I haven’t turned on SEO option yet. I need to make sure it is functional before I make it public.

For photo editing, I am using Gimp which is another free program for photo editing. So far, it allows me to do whatever I need to do to edit photos for my website. I am happy about it. I also found a new free online photo editing service called Editor by Pixlr. I haven’t tried using it yet but it looks pretty neat.

I also have been watching a lot of tutorial videos online on how to use WordPress, Wootique, WooCommerce, and Gimp. I am far from being an expert on these.

Here is a picture taken from my magnet wall end edited by using Editor program.  In the picture, it is a collection I have called View of the World.  My first one from the collection is the Bostonian.  I only have 9 cities in my collection.  The Denver one is bigger than the rest which I am not sure why.

View of the World